‘Echame a Mi La Culpa’ is centre-stage when Hammond arrives in Madrid tomorrow

Se espera un sing-song in Madrid on Thursday con el 'Echame A Mi La Culpa' de Hammond on centre stage, my dear Cloti.

Nothing surprises me, querida Cynthia, although they make an unlikely duo, but who do you think que tiene la culpa?

Los English are always capable of blaming themselves if they think that will help make progress, my dear, porque even though it is in Spanish eso de 'Echame a Mi La Culpa' no le va al Spanish character, much less someone like el Seacock.

Que me estas diciendo que el Seacock will join the sing-song?

My dear, te estoy hablando metaphorically.

Dejame de esas palabras tan larga y explicoteate what you are on about.

I am on about the visit of Hammond to Madrid, but not the Hammond you are thinking of, el que canta y que dice that he is a Gibraltarian today and then says something else the next day, but Her Majesty's secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, do you get me?

I see, you mean Philip but not Albert?

Exactly. El Philip will be having a chat with el Seacock on Thursday, or haven't you heard?

Bueno, bueno, I now know what you mean, pero este Philip que se deje de echarno la culpa a nosotros los Gibraltarians, porque we have done nothing wrong, y si alguien tiene la culpa it is el Seacock.

Claro que si, but if you ask me, we should take the other Hammond to Madrid, al Albert, to see if he can get the other two singing together about our Gibraltar.

Valiente lio. I would translate the song into English para que se entere el Philip, como no sea que he has been having Spanish lessons at one of the Institutos Cervantes in the Mother Country, what do you think?

Nothing me sorprende anymore, aunque el Seacock thinks there are humans in our Gibraltar who don't speak Spanish, by which he must mean English people.

Un insulto a los compadres de Philip, if you ask me, when el Seacock meets Hammond in Madrid he should ask him if he speaks Spanish, and if Philip says he does not, presumably can call Hammond a monkey because that is what he meant when he said that in Gibraltar everyone speaks Spanish except the monkeys.

If I were Philip I would take some peanuts in a bag for the Madrid visit in case he wants to make a point that Seacock will understand.

That is a good idea, blimey.

Let's wait and see what happens. But for now, it's goodbye from me.

And also goodbye from me.






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