Entre el Mercedes y Fallon nos encontramos en un follon...

My dear Cynthia, que vida mas accelerada, more accelerated que el new Mercedes que le han comprado al Commissioner of Police.

Do you think it is to enable him to go at a faster speed in search of those who are alleged to be involved in the bullying?

Yo no se nada de bullying, eso que se lo pregunten al Buttigieg of Dignity At Work Now, DAWN for short.

Donít make things more complicated, dear Cloti.

New dawn is what we were offered at the last hellection por el GSLP/Liberation, while Richard Buttigieg is the new spokesman of the SDGG, me comprendes?

Claro que si, pero I must add that Francis Buttigieg, the spokesman of DAWN and thatís that.

Okay, letís change the page. Y que me cuentas del follon que armo Fallon.

Explicoteate, please.

Well, este es el que armo un buen lio en un pub in Pimlico.

Mi querida Cynthia, that has nothing to do with US, we are loyal British citizens, Britannia Rules the Waves, by scouts honour.

Anyway el Defence Secretary arrived en secreto, and left without telling anyone.

A lo mejor se creyeron que our Gibraltar is in the Middle East and he had to be careful for if the flies.

Do you think que nos mandara un barco mas grande que el que le acaban de comprar al RGP, Made in Croatia.

What I know from my friend in the M15 And A Half es que nos ha costado un millon.

Blimey, no se habran confundido con GBC, donde hay mas millones que sillones, or havenít you noticed the number of programmes donde everybody is sitting on a seat?

If thatís the case, y le hemos dado un millon a los de Croatia, que le escriba el GFA a esa gente y le diga que when we play football with them que no nos metan siete. Bye for now.






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