I say Cloti dear, what a festive season this was - cuanto jaleo!

You are telling me, lo del Sunborn fue un buen susto caramba, el Sunburnt!

It has given our Gibraltar a bad name, segun my darling husband, he says que los foreign papers were saying that el super-expensive hotel was up in smoke.

Bueno, segun dicen el fire was between the Sunborn and the Casino, but obviously it damaged both.

Yes, and it happened en el Ocean Village who are also involved in the hotel as far as I know.

If that is the case, it gives a bad name to the Ocean Village complex as a whole, and we still donít know what caused the fire, I must say.

Digo que no, las cosasí pasan y no nos enteramos why.

Mira lo de los fishermen, segun dicen los fish spotters they keep at it even though there are now new fishing regulations, what a cachonfinger, I must say.

Es que en el social media, hay gente que estan que trinan, porque if the Spanish no cojen un licence, how can they fish in our British waters?

Es que los Spanish se han creido que the waters are theirs, y eso que they have been ours since el Rock became British 300 years ago - and thatís a long time

Y claro esta, que como le dejan que hagan lo que quieran in our waters, pues se lo creen, tu me diras.

Y con los mnillones that have been spent in buying the RGP tantos barcos, blimey they are going to end up with more vessels than the Royal Navy!

Anyway, say goodbye to me.

Goodbye to me.






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