What next from estos mete-patas?

Blimey, incursions by Spanish warships are no longer incursions, my dear Cloti, what next?

No idea, but the situation is going from bad to worse, querida Cynthia, I imaginate we should ask the new CBF what he has in mind.

Do you think it's his idea or do you think that the big boys in London have told him to play down everything?

Well, I am sure they have not told him to play down the golf in Spain which taks place in the plains.

Whatever it is, los CBFs have a penchant to put their foot in it, so we should keep our eyes wide open to see what next, my dear?

Es que the whole thing is becoming un great cachonfinger, can you imaginate how your grandad would feel, accustomed as he was to Britain's great military might.

Verdad que es una pena, estamos tirando todo through the window, I mean if they carry on like this all that will remain at The Tower will be the flag.

Es que one cannot implement anything with those little dinghies que son el cachonfinger of everyone, I mean hasta el RGP tienen un barco mas grande que el Royal Navy!

And what do you think the RGP are going to do with their new, big patrol boat, que parece un luxury yacht?

Pues nada, that's what I think they will do.

Anyone would think that the RGP are here to monitor the laws in our waters, pero the opposite is the case, caramba.

Mind you, I imaginate que now that the new regulations are coming into force, empezaran a ponerse fuerte, because that is what they are paid for.

Claro. They are not paid for doing nothing in our waters, porque el RGP cada vez nos cuesta more and more, and as we are saying, we want el taxpayers money to be well spent.

Bueno, let's hope que the new year will bring new things, and in the meanime no te sofoques, querida mia. Tomate una tila now and again, and kicks por si pega. Ciao.

Adios blancaflor.






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