al Qaeda suspect wanted aerial photo taken of Gibraltar supermarket

by PANORAMA reporter
The Al Qaeda suspect Cengiz Yalsjin, who worked for the Gibraltar firm Profield Contractors, wanted to have taken aerial photos of a Gibraltar supermarket 'whatever it costs', said anti-terrorist sources in Spain yesterday.

He made the request to the instructor who was giving him lessons on motorized paragliding, who retorted this was not possible. Thereupon the Turkish national, now in a Spanish jail, asked if they could be obtained from a light aircraft. The Turk said he wanted the photos for construction works he was to carry out in the supermarket, said his paragliding instructor.

The Turk's interest for radio-controlled model aeroplanes has neither been fully explained.

Since last week, when the news of the three alQaeda suspects emerged, some UK press has been linking the arrests with a possible attack on Gibraltar.

Meanwhile, Panorama has seen the full text of what the Spanish call the 'auto' of the case, the judge's findings, leading to the jailing yesterday of the other two al Qaeda suspects, who it has now been established were using false names. The judicial document refers to information made available by the Gibraltar police. Anti-terrorist sources claimed that Britain's secret services had despatched a team to Gibraltar.

It was the French secret service which alerted that the two alleged Russians planned to enter Spain where they thought that it was easier to obtain explosives. They crossed into Spain on 20 May, later contacting the third man, the Turk, who lives in La Linea, where he was arrested.

The two so-called Russians had also been followed by other secret services, the UK and USA secret services linking them to a Pakistani group.

Turkish member of the trio had claimed earlier, according to Spanish police, that he had met the two Russians in Turkey, and had become friendly with them which explains why they had been at his La Linea home.