NEWS FLASH: Government calls on UK for action on waters issue

The Gibraltar government has told the UK that 'the time has now come for action, not simply written protests from London to Madrid' in defence of British Gibraltar Territorial Waters, following the latest incident where a Gibraltar vessel was boarded by the Guardia Civil in Gibraltar waters 'and forcibly conveyed' together with its occupants to Algeciras 'at high speed and without navigational lights.'

A Gibraltar government statement issued today (Sunday) condemns the Spanish actions and adds that this latest incident on Friday night, as indeed all the others in recent years, 'are totally outside international law and the bounds of acceptable neighbourly behaviour.'

The strongly worded statement says that 'this belligerent act of provocation by the para-military armed forces of Spain cannot be allowed to go by unchallenged.'

The occupants, two British Gibraltarians, were illegally detained. This criminal false arrest and illegal detention continued for almost two hours, says the statement, which roundly condemns 'these criminal acts by Guardia Civil officers.'

The Gibraltar government adds: 'Guardia Civil actions such as these are not only invasions of our territorial sea which must be repelled by the Royal Navy, they also amount to criminal acts of unlawful detention, trespass and false imprisonment.'

The lengthy statement calls for action by the UK to deliver 'maximum protection of the sovereignty, jurisdiction and control of the British Gibraltar Territorial Waters in every material respect.'

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plus appeal to UK for inquiry into last week's Guardia Civil shooting incident.


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