Eight defence police getting ready for helming fast boats at Olympics security

As the final preparations are made for the 2012 Olympics, eight Gibraltar Defence Police Officers are readying themselves for deployment to the UK next Monday.

he officers are all highly qualified marine coxswains. Each of them will be given the responsibility of helming a fast rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB) as part of the policing and security operation for the sailing events at Weymouth.

The GDP officers will be teamed up with colleagues drawn from police forces across the United Kingdom and will be engaged in the largest security operation that the UK has ever seen.

Police Sergeant William Mellin is the senior officer taking the GDP team to the UK and will deploy as a coxswain himself on arrival. He said: “All of the officers selected for these duties are very much looking forward to the next few weeks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity not only to assist with policing the Olympics but to work with colleagues from police and other agencies from across the whole of the UK”.

With hopes that the weather will improve for the duration of the Games, the officers can expect to work long hours in an operationally-intensive environment. PC Adrian Mesilio, another of the selected officers commented: “Whilst we know that this will be hard work we are very much looking forward to the challenges of such a huge policing operation. This is sure to be a fantastic experience”.

Chief Police Officer Rob Allen added: “I am immensely proud that these officers will be representing both the GDP and Gibraltar at such a prestigious and high-profile event. It is testament to their hard work and professional capability that they have been selected to work with their UK counterparts”