Cruise ship plan

The Government is currently assessing a number of infrastructural options in respect of increasing the berthing capability for cruise ships in Gibraltar, as well as enabling larger numbers of passengers to be efficiently and safely handled.

In the short term, the Western Arm is in the process of being tidied up with the demolition of the derelict Ice Box Building and the resurfacing of the area. The western arm is the first and last impression of cruise visitors and the area has been in desperate need of a facelift for as long as anyone can remember.

It has become patently clear to us that the single most important failure of the previous administration was the absence of structures that ensured follow-up of the items discussed at meetings. As a result of structural changes I have implemented in the GTB, there is now, at an official level, continuity of communication with the people that actually make decisions in their fields to make sure that Gibraltar is always in the minds of those executives. Moreover, I have arranged a series of 9 meetings in the UK at the end of the June with cruise operators based in UK.

It is the philosophy of this Government to pursue personal relationships with those persons who make decisions and equally, as crucial, to impress that my Ministry and the GTB have an open door to all of them to discuss any and all ideas. Moreover, in my short time in this Ministry it is my assessment that Gibraltar has missed out on some important opportunities because of a lack of follow-through, said Neill Costa, minister for Port.