Scots on the Rock

4 Scots have been keeping busy since arriving in Gibraltar at the beginning of April. They have been covering the duties of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment whilst the RG is in the UK.

Splitting their time between conducting guard duties, training and completing community projects, the Highlanders as they are also known, have certainly made the most of their short stay.

The soldiers have completed valuable professional training using the Upper Rock, the tunnels and Buffadero Training Centre. The landscape has proved ideal for them to get back to basics and practise their core infantry skills, ensuring they are ready for operations around the world.

Fresh from conducting a clearance exercise in the tunnels at Calpe Hole, Corporal Niall Watson said, ‘The terrain offers all different types of training, testing a good mix of skills and drills.’

Agreeing, Sergeant Major Ian Cordiner said, ‘It has been a great opportunity to train outside our Regiment. All the resources we require are right here, including manpower and equipment.’

Also undertaking security duties, reports from within 4 Scots are that those guarding the Convent have quietly enjoyed the attention they have received from passing tourists. Unsurprisingly, the soldiers in their kilts are an unfamiliar sight so far from Scotland.

Taking little time off during their stay, the soldiers have also completed community projects. Three days were spent refurbishing and painting the coastal artillery gun at Breakneck Battery and they have provided a number of days manual labour at the old Toc H site, now the premises of the Clubhouse Project, clearing and removing over 2 tonnes of debris.

4 Scots will leave Gibraltar soon and hand over to the RG which is due to return from exercise and ceremonial duties in the UK.

4 Scots will return to their base in Sennelager, Germany.