Gibraltar excluded from anti-drugs operation in the Strait

by PANORAMA reporter
The fight to combat drug trafficking in the Strait and Gibraltar area has quite literally hit new heights.

The Spanish Authorities are conducting an intense drug trafficking operation in the Strait and African coast, an operation led by the Guardia Civil having at their disposal one of the most modern and sophisticated combat military planes available the Eurofighter Typhoon, a multirole combat aircraft used by the Spanish Air Force.

The Eurofighter has been drafted in to join the fight against the increasing problem regarding drug trafficking in this region.

The use of the aircraft has not been by chance, as the fighter boasts some sophisticated kit on board, with state of the art night vision and tracking equipment, which according to reports has already proved vital in tracking planes and helicopters used by the various criminal networks. The aircraft has also proved useful in pinpointing and detecting logistical areas and bases used by drug traffickers particularly in the North African coastal regions.

The operation although headed by the Guardia Civil also has the important collaboration of the Moroccan enforcement agencies. The operation is said to be a massive and ambitious coordinated set up, where special mechanisms have been introduced to effectively bring together the various and diverse entities from Spain and Morocco.

Since the operation commenced two helicopters and a plane have been seized including a ton of cannabis.

It was not known however if from the Gibraltar side any of the local agencies were involved or if they were aware what is going on, agencies like the RGP and Royal Navy.So we asked them.

Asked if they were involved in the exercise, the RGP said: "No we are not."

We put the same question to HQBF and they came up with the stock reply: "We do not discuss operational matters."

This is a silly answer because the MOD have always provided information about exercises, so it has to be asked if they have gone nuts.