Two Spaniards fined in tobacco incidents

Two Spanish men were arrested, in two separate incidents, by HM Customs
yesterday and appeared in the Magistrate’s Court this morning.

A statement says: In a joint anti-smuggling operation executed by the Gibraltar Defence Police and HM Customs, a 24 year old Spaniard was arrested in the area of Western Beach. He was seen approaching the frontier fence carrying a number of packages. On being challenged, he attempted to escape by entering the sea and
swimming to Spain. He was apprehended and subsequently charged with unlawful
exportation of goods, obstructing a Customs Officer and with Tobacco Act offences.
5,400 cigarettes (27 cartons) were seized in the operation. Fernandez was
remanded in custody overnight and this morning sentenced to fines totalling £2,400.

In a separate matter, a 41-year old Spaniard was sentenced to a £100 fine
for obstructing a Customs Officer. The charge was brought in relation to an incident
of April 9th during which he fled to Spain. He was arrested by HM Customs
yesterday afternoon upon his re-entry to Gibraltar, remanded in custody overnight
and convicted this morning.