First junior tour abroad a success

The Bayside U16’s rugby team recently arrived back on the Rock, to a very enthusiastic welcome from friends and family. The boys had spent a week in Milton Keynes on the first junior rugby tour abroad.

The Tour started immediately on landing, when the boys went to Ampthill RFC for a tour of the Club House and a welcome by the Club President, before starting an intensive 90 minute training session, with their own coaches Mr Allan Spark and Mr Jonhenry Mauro. The team were also joined by Buckinghamshire Community Coaches.

The first game of the Tour was against their hosts, St Pauls Catholic School and after a hard game of fast and expansive play, Bayside won the game 10-36.

The following day, the boys competed in a 10 aside Round Robin Tournament, against St Pauls and also Ousedale School, Lord Grey School and Stantonbury School. As Bayside were travelling with 24 players, the boys could be divided equally into two teams with subs, to maximise player participation and development. Over 70 young players competed in a wonderful afternoon of junior rugby which ended with ‘Bayside Two team’ winning the Tournament and ‘Bayside One team’, coming third. Squadron Leader (Rtd) Steve Williams, who officiated many of the games and directed the St Pauls young referees, during the course of the Tournament, congratulated all the players on the high level of play and tough competition.

The boys then had a rest day, which was spent at the local Leisure centre for a swimming session to stretch off tired and tight muscles. From there, the boys had a shopping trip in Milton Keynes, which they also report as being very successful.

The last game of the Tour was against Milton Keynes RFC. The boys had a new experience of playing of an evening and under flood light. This was a particularly hard game, on heavy ground and with tough competition. The Bayside boys dug deep and won the game 12-41 before adjourning to the Clubhouse to entertain their hosts with a few very carefully chosen and rehearsed songs.

Alex Vallejo - Young player of the tour.