Sewer works will continue into New Year

Following the identification of a sewer collapse along Line Wall Road, the Infrastructure & Sewers Section of the Government’s Technical Services Department has been undertaking a deep excavation to reach the top of the Main Sewer and determine the cause of the blockage. The damaged area has now been exposed and extends over a greater length than originally anticipated. Works to remove the blockage will have to continue throughout the Christmas period and into January 2012.
This will be carried out in sections so as to minimise disruption to traffic. Two way traffic flow will be maintained along Line Wall Road but drivers are requested to exercise due caution when approaching and driving through the area.
Whilst measures have been taken to prevent sewage overflows into the harbour by the use of an over-pumping operation, it cannot be guaranteed that these will not occur arising from pump maintenance needs or failures. The public is therefore advised not to swim in harbour waters until further notice. The Government takes this
opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience these works will cause to residents and to the general public.