Panorama poll shows GSLP Liberals are ahead

A Panorama opinion poll predicts that the GSLP Liberals are ahead for next week's general election. They currently have 52% of the votes, followed by the GSD with 43% and the PDP with 5%.

The poll closed last week, using the same scientific method that have been used since Panorama pioneered opinion polls in Gibraltar 35 years ago.

We are convinced that the results represent an accurate reflection of voting intentions a week before the election takes place.

The poll covered all the twelve voting areas. And hereunder we also publish the results of voting in the twelve areas. It should be noted that the same percentage in more than one area would not necessarily draw the same number of votes, as it depends on the number of voters in each area.

The Panorama poll made use of the latest Register of Electors.

Block voting was strong, which shows that this voting system is deep-rooted in the community.

It is not good news for a third party, on this occasion the PDP. There had been expectation that on this occasion at least one of their candidates might break into the top twenty candidates to be elected. This can only happen if a weak candidate elsewhere were to distant its position from the block vote and a PDP candidate could break into that slot, which at present does not appear likely.

The predicted result would have the ten GSLP Liberal candidates elected and seven from the GSD.

Sample: 3.75% on 80% turnout. Variance factor recorded in previous polls 0% to 3%.