Govt reveals details of new lands deal

The government has now released details of the latest lands deal with the MOD. As revealed in Panorama, the plan is for the MOD to be located largely in four main areas, the naval base, the airfield, Devil's Tower Camp and Four Corners. It is the third lands deal since 2004, which highlights the pace of MOD's withdrawal from Gibraltar.

As regards housing, the MOD will transfer 361 houses to GOG, and in return GOG will build 90 houses for MOD within Four Corners Estate.Apart from Chilton Court (which will be transferred with sitting tenants), the MOD will transfer housing largely in the Europa Point and other Europa areas.

Other MOD facilities that will be transferred to GOG will be reprovided in Four Corners Camp, Devil’s Tower Camp, the Naval Base or the RAF Station on the South Dispersal of the airfield.


The full text of a GOG statement today reads as follows:

Under the new Lands Agreement the MOD will transfer significantly more assets to GOG than GOG will reprovide for the MOD. The underlying theme of this Agreement is that MOD will be located within four sites within Gibraltar, namely, the Naval Base, the Airfield,

Devil’s Tower Camp and Four Corners, and (with the exception of a handful of remote and specialist operational facilities) will vacate and transfer to Gibraltar Government all other sites and properties.

*MOD will transfer 361 houses to GOG, and in return GOG will build 90 houses for MOD within Four Corners Estate. MOD will thus transfer to Government all housing at Europa Point, the Trafalgar Heights Block in Europa Road, Europa Pass Battery, Buena Vista, Old Naval Hospital Road, Chilton Court and elsewhere.

Current Gibraltar Regiment families and other persons who presently live in Chilton Court and who would otherwise be eligible to be on the Government housing list will be allowed to remain as Government tenants of their Chilton Court flats even after they leave the

Royal Gibraltar Regiment. They will also be eligible to buy their flat under the Government’s “right to buy” scheme.

All vacant properties will be offered for sale to the public by tender, offering the opportunity for hundreds of local families to buy a home in some of the most attractive residential areas of Gibraltar. RGR personnel living in properties outside Chilton Court will also be eligible to purchase under the Government’s “right to buy “ scheme.

*MOD will also transfer the following other non-residential properties to GOG:

• Its remaining half of the Detached Mole

• The Motor Transport and Trailer Park complex near the Naval Base

• The Europa Point Sports Field

• A Plot of land at Europa Flats

• St Christopher’s School buildings and associated land

• Europa Point Community Centre and Squash Court Site

• Rosia Swimming Pool and associated land

• Other industrial buildings near the Naval base

• Gorham’s Cave and surrounding cliffs

• Chilton Court Community Centre

• A 3 metre wide strip of land at Four Corners along the whole length of the land frontier

• The Rooke Complex

The Government will use the cash proceeds of the house sales to build 90 houses for the MOD and to reprovide some of the other MOD facilities currently located within the above listed sites to Four Corners Camp, Devil’s Tower Camp, the Naval Base or the RAF Station on the South Dispersal of the airfield.

*Chief Minister Peter Caruana said: “ This latest lands agreement benefits everyone and provides excellent opportunities to Gibraltar for the present and future.

Importantly and firstly, it makes the MOD’s Gibraltar operations more financially efficient and thus its continuing significant presence here more sustainable and assured in these times of stringent budget problems and heavy cutbacks elsehere in the MOD. The MOD’s continuing significant presence in Gibraltar is both politically and economically important.

MOD jobs already enjoy the protection of the 2007 Global Agreement and that is not affected.

Secondly, it will provide home ownership opportunities for hundreds of families in property types that are not commonly available in Gibraltar.

Thirdly, it provides the Government which much land and facilities that it can put to local public, economic, leisure and social use.

And fourthly, it allows Government to rezone the use of or regenerate significant areas of Gibraltar for the future.

As with other lands ageements since 2004, all properties now built by GOG to reprovide MOD housing or other facilities would revert to GOG free of charge when they become surplus to MOD needs in the future.”