New bus routes from Saturday

The current bus routes have been reviewed and new routes will be introduced on Saturday that are more consistent with an efficient and modern bus service that provides for point to point transport, says the government. The new routes will have as their main terminus the Market Place bus stop.

The new routes will be numbered from 1 to 5. In keeping with the Government's commitment to introduce a free bus service, routes 1, 2, 3 and 4 will provide a free service for all passengers at all times. Routes 1 to 4 will cover all points in Gibraltar, except a journey to and from the frontier.

Route 5, which will be operated jointly by the Gibraltar Bus Company Limited and Calypso Transport Limited, will be the only fare paying route. This route will operate from the Frontier via Market Place to Reclamation Road and return to the frontier via Europort Avenue, Waterport Road and Market Place.

Route 5

Maximum Fare()


1.00 Single (18 years and over)

0.80 Single (under 18 years)

0.50 Single, (60 years and over)

1.50 'Hoppa' (18 years and over, unlimited travel on any one day)

1.20 'Hoppa' (under 18 years unlimited travel on any one day)

0.80 'Hoppa' (60 years and over, unlimited travel on any one day)

6.00 Weekly 10 trip travel ticket.

Minister for Transport Joe Holliday said: "In addition to the on going construction of car parks and parking schemes, traffic management, new roads and other initiatives that are currently being implemented, these new bus routes will provide for a significant improvement in transport infrastructure, traffic flow and parking in Gibraltar. The introduction of free bus fares on four of the five routes, is aimed at encouraging the increase in use of public transport and therefore a decrease in the use of private motor vehicles, so as to deliver an environmental gain, as well as improved traffic circulation. The introduction of the new bus routes and free bus service on most routes will represent further significant progress of the Plan." *Details of these new routes are published in PANORAMA today as a colour centre spread.

Additionally, a booklet with details of these routes will be available from the Gibraltar Bus Company as from next week. This information will also be available for download from the Government's website.

Bus users should check the new routes for changes affecting them. For example, it is now a new Route 3 that goes to Alameda estate, and there is no through route to the east side beaches except from Europort - users have to change buses to continue their journey. The upper town bus will now travel via Queensway.