Transfer of Garrison Library

The Government and the Committee of the Gibraltar Garrison Library have agreed upon the transfer of the Garrison Library Buildings and the Collections and other contents of the Library.

The Buildings will be transferred free of charge to the Government, which will make itself responsible to keep them in a state of good repair. The book and other collections and the furniture, fixtures, fittings of the Garrison Library, and the remaining funds of the Garrison Library Committee will be transferred to and managed by a new Gibraltar Garrison Library Trust for the benefit of the people of Gibraltar chaired by the Minister for Culture and Heritage. All this will be brought about by an Act of Parliament.

A Bill for a Gibraltar Garrison Library Trust Act will be published in the next few days. The transfer will take effect as soon as the Bill is passed by Parliament. The existing Gibraltar Garrison Library Act will be repealed.

Chief Minister Peter Caruana said: “This transfer is good for Gibraltar and for the Library. The Library buildings and the Collections that it houses are each separately very important parts of Gibraltar’s history

and heritage, specifically our military and literary heritage. Their transfer to the people of Gibraltar is very welcome. But they are even more important together, so the Government fully intends that the Collections will continue to be housed in the existing Library building.

"The Government is grateful to past and present Garrison Library Committee members for the work that they have done in preserving this very valuable heritage asset until now, and to the current Committee members for agreeing the transfer. The Library was established and to this day continues to be owned by “the Officers of the Garrison”. The transfer acknowledges the current reality which is that this important part of Gibraltar’s heritage should be under the control of the Gibraltar Government (for the people of Gibraltar) which is the only entity with the financial means to look after it as its importance requires.

"The Government intends to restore both the buildings and the book collection and to make them more accessible to the community as a whole. Also, the Government intends to refurbish the old Chronicle printers building and to house the Government Archives there,resulting in a Gibraltar Research and Reference facility on a single site.

"Plans to make the Library Gardens more accessible for uses compatible with the Library and location will be announced in due course."