Two roads to be named after Bishops

Cannon Lane is to be renamed Bishop Devlin Lane in order to commemorate the life and achievements of the late Bishop, Bernard Devlin.

Bishop Devlin arrived in Gibraltar as a newly ordained priest in 1946. He was appointed Parish Priest of St Theresa’s Church in 1974 and Vicar General in 1975. He was Bishop of Gibraltar from 1985 until his retirement in 1998. Bishop Devlin won the hearts of all Gibraltarians by his marked simplicity and kindness.

Meanwhile, a similar honour is to be bestowed on the late Bishop Caruana. The new road between Europort Road and Queensway adjacent to the new Mid Harbour Housing Estate will be named Bishop Caruana Road.

Bishop Caruana was ordained as a priest in 1959 and was Parish Priest of the Sacred Heart Church for a number of years. He then returned to the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned and was appointed Administrator. He was appointed as Bishop of Gibraltar in 1999 some months after the retirement of Bishop Devlin. He was Bishop of Gibraltar until some months before his death in 2010.

Father Caruana, as he preferred to be called, was a much loved Priest and Bishop and a great Gibraltarian. He was instrumental in the organisation of the Gibraltar Song Festival and was the author of the Books entitled “the Rock Under a Cloud” and “A History of Our Lady of Europe” which commemorated 700 years of devotion to Our Lady of Europe, the Patroness of Gibraltar.

And Devil's Tower Road is to be renamed North Front Avenue. This road is currently being redeveloped as a dual carriageway and undergoing an extensive refurbishment and beautification programme.

The new Avenue will become part of the traffic route into and out of Gibraltar and it has been decided to rename it, as its alignment is being slightly altered and it will no longer pass near to the site of the old Devil’s Tower.

Deputy Chief Minister, J J Holiday said: “The renaming of the two thoroughfares in honour of Bishops Devlin and Caruana is a mark of the respect and affection in which they were held by all Gibraltarians. It is also appropriate that the new traffic route into and out of Gibraltar should be renamed North Front Avenue following the extensive works being undertaken in accordance with the Government’s policy of improving the road infrastructure in Gibraltar.”.

*Details of naming ceremonies for these thoroughfares will be published shortly.