Tonight's the night when Joe Bossano hands over his leadership to Fabian Picardo

Tonight's the night when political history is made: Joe Bossano will keep to his word and hand over the leadership of the GSLP, as Fabian Picardo takes over.

The party's Annual General Meeting for 2011 will take place at 7pm at the John Mackintosh Hall. The meeting will last no more than 2 hours.

A spokesman added that the agenda includes election of members to the executive, election of party leader and debate on motions.

"All members of the GSLP are invited to attend and participate," said the spokesman.

Joe Bossano's union and political career has spanned a lifetime.He has led the GSLP since 1977.

He was branch officer of the TGWU, the forerunner of today's Unite, from 1974 to 1988 when he became Chief Minister.

Earlier, from 1984, he had been Leader of the Opposition.

But Bossano's life has been as colourful as it has been controversial as well. In the late 1950s he was a factory inspector, then spent 4 years as a merchant seaman.

That took him to 1964 when he became secretary of the Integration With Britain Movement. He also spent 3 years as a member of the management committee of the Tottenham Constituency Labour Party in London, later returning to the Rock and becoming a member of the IWBP executive committee.

And he was also at university, obtaining a BSc in economics and a BA.

Anything else? Well, this evening he steps down as leader of his beloved GSLP; a moment of great emotion.

But he will stand for election as a member of the GSLP whenever the general election is called, passing on a wealth of experience to his successor Fabian Picardo.