Reincarnation Bank in revival attempt

The Reincarnation Bank has attempted to revive.
Lawyers acting for the Financial Services Commission have obtained a winding-up order in the Supreme Court against 2i Limited which tades as R eincarnation Bank.
Earlier this year, the FSC issued a warning regarding 'Reincarnation Bank' and obtained an injunction in the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, which required 2i Limited, trading as 'Reincarnation Bank', to take all steps necessary to suspend access by the public to the website and also prohibited 2i Limited, from:

1. Undertaking business by use of the name 'Reincarnation Bank' or from using, operating, assigning or transferring the website
2. Disposing or otherwise dealing with assets within its custody or power or control

Since issuing the public warning, the FSC says it has not been contacted by any members of the public who had invested in this operation and is therefore confident that no losses have been suffered by members of the public. However the FSC has had to take further action to prevent 'Reincarnation Bank' from continuing to attempt to operate.

The FSC says it takes a serious view against persons undertaking financial services activities without the requisite authorisation and when necessary will consider criminal prosecutions or if appropriate, civil action in the courts, as it has done in this case.