Wikileaks confirm ‘extent of Spanish obsession over Gibraltar’

Spanish anti-Gibraltar actions behind our backs raises serious doubts about their good faith, says Opposition

The news that the Spanish Government has exerted pressure on the United States of America not to send their naval vessels to Gibraltar will come as no surprise because this is what was widely believed to be happening. However, the confirmation of this as fact in the leaked diplomatic documents published on the internet reveals the extent of the Spanish obsession over Gibraltar and that they cannot be trusted even in an area like defence where in theory we are all supposed to have common interests,the GSLP/Liberal Opposition.

They add: The leaked documents show that the then Spanish defence Minister Carme Chacon raised the question of American warships calling at Gibraltar in her first meeting with the US Ambassador in Madrid in June 2008. This meeting took place soon after her appointment. The US report of the meeting says that the Spanish Minister raised “sensitivities related to Gibraltar”. It added that Chacon expressed the hope that “US ships would call at Rota whenever possible” and that an “informational meeting” would take place on the issue between the US-Spanish Permanent Committee.

The Opposition considers that this incident serves to show the lengths to which Spain is prepared to go to further her interests over Gibraltar. It is totally unacceptable that this kind of pressure should be placed behind the scenes by one NATO country on another in the furtherance of their own narrow sectional interests. It is even worse that the Spanish actions concerned Gibraltar which is itself the legally held territory of the United Kingdom, which is itself another NATO country.


There have been very few visits by US warships to Gibraltar since 2008 when the Spanish complaint was made. This is a matter of concern since Gibraltar has always been very supportive of British/US defence interests, the NATO alliance and the military and strategic objectives of the western world.

Indeed, it is Spain that has often shown itself to be an unreliable ally to the United Kingdom and others because their values and priorities are different, says the statement. This was seen during the Falklands War, the crisis generated by the US bombing of Lybia and the more recent decision of the Zapatero Government to withdraw support for the military campaign in Iraq soon after their election into office.

The Opposition considers that the Spanish actions behind our backs raises serious doubts about their professions of good faith and calls into question the very existence of a new climate in relations between Spain and Gibraltar.


The United States is very welcome to make use of the Port of Gibraltar or any other of our facilities and Spain should mind its own business and stop interfering in relations between Gibraltar and the US, the GSLP/Liberals add.