Apes cause mischief, say residents

The Progressive Democratic Party has once again been approached by residents of Gardiner’s Road, Flat Bastion Road and the Upper Town who are still experiencing problems with visiting Barbary Macaques causing mischief and damage to their properties and who have seen no tangible improvement over the last couple of years.

In 2008 the GSD government decided to cull 25 apes in an effort to control numbers. The PDP criticised this approach because culling would have little impact on the overall problem and should be a weapon of last resort. At the time the government justified the culling of our apes as necessary in a bid to control the situation but as we stated then and needs to be reiterated now – culling in itself is not a solution. There needs to be a properly set up and ongoing management program of the macaque population in order to better try to regain control of the problems caused by these animals.

"The Barbary Macaque is Gibraltar’s biggest tourist attraction and as such a percentage of the income they generate should be used to fund a management plan that would help to minimise the negative interaction between the apes and the local population," they say. This is something the PDP are committed to in order to ensure a healthy environment for our ape population at the same time as minimising their ‘raids’ into our homes and the danger to people and the living environment generally.