Talks with Spain make a sudden return

Talks with Spain are back. They will take place in Gibraltar at the end of this month and in Spain at the beginning of the next.

It follows discussions held during the last few days, with Britain, Spain and Gibraltar having decided that technical meetings will be held (during the last week of October and the first week of November) in five of the six areas namely,“visas”, “financial services and tax”, “maritime communications and safety”, “environment” and “education”.

The participants in the Trilateral Forum of Dialogue on Gibraltar have reaffirmed "our commitment to the maintenance of a constructive atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation for the objectives of the Forum, and we have restated our support for the idea that such cooperation and mutual trust should become the norm in all possible areas. In this respect we reiterate our commitment to the Forum as well as the need to continue with the envisaged calendar to conclude the widest agreements that are possible in the six main areas of co-operation for the next Ministerial Meeting," said a statement.


However, in view of the recent incidents in the bay, the issues relating to “police, judicial and customs co-operation” will be dealt with in political level meeting, "with the object of analysing possible formulas that allow for such co-operation, enable such incidents to be avoided, and subsequently, enable the experts to elaborate possible agreements to that effect for the consideration of the Forum.

The meetings will be held in Gibraltar, Madrid and Algeciras.