Sea Scouts Pipe Band represent Gibraltar in Asturias

Lead by Pipe Major Tony Galliano the Gibraltar Sea Scouts Pipe Band returned after performing admirably last week-end at the 60th America Day in Asturias.

Invited by the Oviedo municipality, the band represented Gibraltar in the capital of the Principality of Asturias during the nationally well renowned street parade. This event has its origin in 1950 when it was decided to commemorate with a cavalcade the help given by the Latin American countries to exiled Asturians who immigrated to these countries during the Spanish Civil War.

Now traditionally held on the 19th September during the 11 days long San Mateo festival, the street parade consisted of highly colourful and imaginatively designed floats representing all Latin American countries and included a Mexican Mariachi band and the very popular scantily clad girls from the Rio Carnival Samba parade.

A very important participation in the parade was the massed bands of the Asturian Pipe bands in their very unique traditional folk dress. The bagpipe is the traditional musical instrument in Asturias and all fiestas are celebrated with traditional Asturian bagpipe music. So highly is bagpipe music considered in Asturias that traditionally, Pipe bands from other areas such as Scotland and Brittany are also invited to celebrate with them.

Representing Gibraltar at many of these festivals since 2002, the Gibraltar Sea Scouts Pipe Band through Pipe Major Galliano has made a name for its self with the its unique Scottish/Irish bagpipe music in this region. During the long week-end the band performed at different venues in the city centre which culminated the following day with an enthusiastic response and appreciation by the thousand of spectators watching the hour and a half long parade through the principal streets of Oviedo’s city centre. The band with their kilts and distinctive music proved a popular attraction in the parade.

"Once again the Gibraltar Sea Scouts Pipe band (this time in their new uniforms) was a worthy ambassador for Gibraltar at an Asturian folkloric event," said a spokesman.