They are nervous in Gibraltar because they know the frontier toll is legal, claims Alcalde

The mayor of La Linea Alejandro Sanchez says that in Gibraltar they are so nervous because they know the congestion charge is 'perfectly legal.'

Asked if he was not aware of the difficulty and the storm which such a measure would case, Sanchez said: The congestion charge is a measure imported from England and it is also applied in other parts of Europe. The Gibraltarians themselves know full well its legality because it exists in London itself and in other British cities...In Gibraltar they have become much more nervous because they know it is perfectly legal - and that it works.

Sanchez is confident that what we call a 'frontier toll'has legal Community support.

He told the Spanish right-wing daily La Razon that what did not make sense was that the PSOE was aligning itself with the Gibraltar authorities to confront a Spanish municipality.

La Linea, he added, has to support the passage of over a million private veicles on their way to Gibraltar, as well as heavy lorries.

Some of those lorries transport sand and other materials which the Gibraltar government uses to reclaim "the east side of La Linea. That is illegal and nobody questions it..."

The Andalusian president Grinan has attacked the mayor.

To this, Sanchez says that Grinan is behaving more like president of the colony of Gibraltar than as representative of the interests of the Andalusians.

Sanchez goes on to insist that the legal title to the land on which they are building the toll is municipal.

He then accuses Spanish foreign minister Moratinos of being weak and afraid of the English.


Meanwhile, the association of Spanish workers in Gibraltar, ASTECG, is to stage a demonstration in mid-September to reject the frontier toll.

Although the Spanish workers would not have to pay the toll, they fear that it could lead to loss of employment.

It is said that a second ferry service is to start plying with Gibraltar. The use of the ferry for conveying goods could also affect La Linea.

A signature collection exercise in both La Linea and in Gibraltar is being planned by ASTECG, who add that the toll could adversely affect La Linea more than it could benefit it. They want the mayor to change his plans.


The Campo area appears to be divided over the frontier toll, judging by an online opinion poll in the Europa Sur paper.

Would you be in favour of a toll at the entrance to Gibraltar? Out of 7,856 replies, 49% said Yes and 51% said No.