Gibraltar should have walked away from this INDIGNITY

Thinking Allowed

No sooner had the world cup been locked away for another four years, than our sporting neighbour gets back in action and into their customary ways with another assault on Gibraltar, this time in the European Athletic Tournament hosted in Barcelona.

The Spanish Government is no stranger to interfering, this time banning Gibraltar from taking part in the prestigious and high-profile opening ceremony.

Gibraltar should have walked away in protest, when told that they were being banned from the opening ceremony.
I agree they should have gone to Barcelona, but on being humiliated in front of millions by the Spanish Government who banned Gibraltar’s presence at the opening ceremony, Gibraltar should have demonstrated some ‘National Pride’ and made a big statement to all by coming straight back home. I cannot think of any nation in the world who would have remained in Barcelona under similar circumstances, the decision to stay was Wrong.
No matter what has been said already, about things being normal in Barcelona, except for the important opening ceremony decision, Gibraltar was not welcomed by Spain.

Even if our flag was flying inside the stadium so What? Who knew what flag that was? The international damage and our reputation suffered a big blow, in another serious sporting and political interference by Madrid.

In this type sporting events the Opening Ceremony is significant, setting the atmospheric starting point of the games. Importantly, the ceremony also provides opportunities for the display of national or local identity and creativity.
Gibraltar was not welcomed to these games, we were denied to display our National identity ‘OUR FLAG’ honourably and with dignity to the world in the opening ceremony, we were made to look second class again by the Spanish Government, despite being full members of the European athletics association.

What has been the squeamish reaction by Government, well exactly that? Nothing! We are told the GAA president will file a report to the Sports and Leisure Authority. Can you imagine how Spain would have reacted if this had happened to them? Politically Gibraltar has become naïve and feeble in this respect, Spain has used a sporting event to her advantage and got away with it AGAIN!

The Gibraltar Government as usual does not want to upset that famous apple cart going nowhere, particularly where Spain is concerned, it fails to stand up for our rights as they should in these circumstances. Not even a statement from our political defenders, who remain silent tucked away inside their air conditioned bunkers awaiting the next favourable Government press release before making a public appearance.

There’s a lot happening in Gibraltar and a lot happening to Gibraltar, what will it take before we ‘WAKE UP’ and realise what’s happening around us, what is happening to us, and act accordingly?