Spanish workers association concerned that mayor's action could wreck relations

The association of Spanish workers in Gibraltar ASCTEG is concerned that the attitude of the mayor of La Linea could adversely affect relations between La Linea and Gibraltar.

The association has issued an urgent leaflet which it has been handing out at the frontier.
The leaflet says that the mayor's attitude, and that of his councillors, can affect the freedom of movement of many workers from La Linea on their way to their jobs in Gibraltar as well as other persons who may have family and business connections on either side of the frontier.

We don't want to recall the days of Franco, it adds, which made our workers go through very bad moments, including the loss of their employment.
After the inconveniences and delays already suffered at the frontier, and which no government has been able to sort out, does our mayor pretend to worsen the passage of workers, families, traders and Spanish and European travellers?

The association fears for the jobs of over 4,000 La Linea workers in Gibraltar which helps sustain over 12,000 people in La Linea.
They add that they are against the planned toll and all other actions that can affect the good social, commercial and worker relations between Gibraltar and La Linea. They want the mayor to be included in the tripartite forum where he can defend La Linea's problems.

In other moves about the mayor's actions, it is being said on the other side of the frontier that Sanchez has got it wrong, comparing a congestion toll for the centre of a city with taking action at a frontier. It is being said that there are no tolls applied in any European frontier, so what is the mayor on about?

During his march to Algeciras on Friday, Sanchez changed his tune on the toll - now saying that only tourists would be affected! Someone was saying if the mayor knows what he wants and if he knows what he is doing.