Call in La Linea for aduana chief to resign following frontier queues

by PANORAMA reporter
There has been a call in La Linea for the aduana chief to resign following frontier delays.

Francisco Ponce, president of the Spanish workers/pensioners association Citypeg, says the frontier delays have been taking place for weeks, causing problems to their members.

Sr Ponce said that he is receiving numerous protests from Spanish workers in Gibraltar and asked for the resignation of the La Linea aduana chief for allowing the queues on a daily basis and coinciding as the workers return to Spain after their work day, from 3pm.

The association is also asking for a second 'green' channel which would help matters.

"We ask ourselves when is the Government going to bring these queues to an end, or is it that, politically, they are in their interest," said Sr Ponce in a press statement.

He also draws attention to the poor state of the installations at the aduana.