Opposition will win next election, says Liberal leader Joseph Garcia

Liberal Party Leader Dr Joseph Garcia has declared that the Opposition GSLP/Liberals will win the next general elections whenever they are called. He added that people are fed up of the GSD which is tired and has run out of ideas.

Dr Garcia made these comments in answer to questions in a full-page interview with the Campo newspaper “Europa Sur”.

The Liberal Leader explained that in the last general election of 2007 the difference between the two electoral blocks was very narrow and the GSD was re-elected into power by a whisker. He said it was a very accessible margin that could be easily overturned.

Dr Garcia said that there were people who would never forgive the GSD for their failure to deliver low-cost housing on time after so many years in Government, when they had granted permission for the construction of luxury flats all over the place. He identified health, planning, traffic and the enormous cost of the new air terminal as other areas which had caused considerable discontent.

In answer to questions, Dr Garcia explained that the Opposition would continue with the trilateral forum if elected into Government tomorrow. He explained that even though they were against certain agreements which had been reached in the forum, this did not mean that they were opposed to the actual forum itself, as had been made clear from the outset.

They would welcome good relations with Spain, but would not sacrifice Gibraltar's legitimate rights.

The Liberal Leader told “Europa Sur” that it had gone down very badly in Gibraltar that Spain should speak about good neighbourly relations and then designate our waters as if they were Spanish in the European Union.

He said that the issue was that Madrid should recognise Gibraltar’s sovereign rights in our territorial waters in the Bay and elsewhere, in the same way as we recognise Spain’s rights over Spanish waters.