£5,000 go up the flagpole

Where's that flagpole, people have been asking. Has it been pinched by the Spanish? Has the Foreign Office been playing devious games?

No, no. The Union flag at the top of the Rock has been suffering from windy days.

So, the damage is not only being repaired but Headquarters British Forces is spending £5000 on a special, new, lightweight flagpole, which is being manufactured in UK. This new flagpole has been specially designed to withstand the weather conditions experienced at Rock Gun, they say.

Once the flagpole has been delivered, a new concrete base will be fitted around it.

‘I apologise for this continued delay, ‘said Commander British Forces, Commodore Adrian Bell. ‘But we take our responsibilities seriously and that is why we are going to so much trouble to get it right.’

And so do all of us when it comes to the disappearing Union Jack!