Only union and chamber worried about illegal labour?

Unite the Union welcomes the support given by the Chamber of Commerce to the Union campaign to eradicate illegal labour and the payment of the minimum legal hourly rate. In the next couple of days, shop stewards and District Committee members will be distributing leaflets in all areas of the private sector, especially in retail, construction, cleansing, etc.

In this Union campaign, "we are tackling this important issue, because we consider that it is fundamental, that terms and conditions agreed and achieved by this Union, can be undermined by unscrupulous employees. This will close the door to local residentís job prospects especially young people.

"We are extremely surprised, that this Union is the only organisation that look after the interest of working people, and protects jobs for the local community. This Union has been campaigning this since 1991. In 1991/92 when we criticised and chastised by the then government of the G.SL.P. Today we have received no support for this campaign, by the opposition. Neither have we received any backing from the other 2 Unions. We have been critical of the employment service. The situation appears to be that no one apart from Unite and the Chamber of Commerce are worried or concerned with the problems of illegal labour and the legal payments due to workers."

Unite says it considers that without the full support of other organisations, it is difficult to eradicate illegal labour, and that workers be paid what they are entitled.