Taxis go wheelchair friendly

The Gibraltar Taxi Association (GTA) has just completed its first installation of wheelchair ramps making it the first Public Service Vehicle in Gibraltar to be wheelchair-friendly.

The GTA says it intends to fit between 3-5 vehicles in the short-term and from there will assess the usage of these vehicles by clients both locally in the community and by tourists/visitors to Gibraltar.

They said: These taxis will be available for local transfers together with providing a service to disabled passengers arriving in Gibraltar via the Cruise Terminal the Coach Park.

At present there are visitors who arrive in Gibraltar cruise ships that are unable to disembark due to the lack of provision of disabled transport in Gibraltar. "This project has been fully funded by the GTA since all requests for subsidies for financial aid were declined," they added.

The GTA says it is nevertheless proud to be seen striving to improve their services of the community regardless of their needs.