The Spanish government defends Spain's interests over Gibraltar, says Moratinos

The Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos says that the Spanish Government defends the interests of Spain in respect of Gibraltar firmly and efficiently. He was speaking in the Spanish parliament yesterday.

He also said he wants to increase police cooperation to improve results in the fight against crime, delinquency and drug trafficking.

Moratinos had been questioned by the Opposition PP member Jose Ignacio Landaluce, who is forever attacking Gibraltar.

Landaluce had referred to the incidents in the bay between patrol boats from the Guardia Civil and the Royal Navy and Gibraltar police.

But Moratinos assured the MPs that the Spanish government defends the interests of Spain and of the Spanish people, and logically, the claim on Gibraltar. He thinks they are obtaining better results than when the PP was in power. But he did not say what specific action, if any, Spain had taken regarding the waters dispute.

Moratinos pointed at the resolution of the Spanish pensions problem.

He also indicated that the cooperation between Spain and Gibraltar responded to a way of doing things in keeping with the 21st century.

But Landaluce insisted that the waters around the Rock are Spanish and of Spanish jurisdiction.He said that international treaties backed the Spanish position. Their vigilance and control are a Spanish responsibility, he said, describiong Moratinos as a good minister for the UK and Gibraltar, and a bad minister for the Campo people and Spain.