The hunchback of notre-dame for the summer

This summer the Hunchback of Notre-Dame will feature on stage at the end of June and will be interpreted through dance by Danza Academy.

The Academy has a high reputation of dance and choreography both locally and internationally especially after their excellent achievements at world competitions and the local Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival.

Director Anne Marie Gomez said: ‘Following our successful production of the Prince of Egypt in 2008, we have continued to work very hard to put together another educational project. This year we have chosen the well known story of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. We hope to once again produce a spectacular dance production that will tell a story from beginning to end by using various musical scores and special visual effects.’

The production has been produced by Alfred Rumbo and will be directed by Alfred Rumbo, Anne Marie Gomez and Zuleika Green.

The show will be staged at the Alameda Open Air Theatre in June, with a cast of over 150 performers. It will feature Steven Pardo as Quasimodo, Simon Boland as Frollo and the Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival overall winner Nicola Dewar, as Esmeralda.