Mopeds are easy prey for thieves

You see these motorbikes parked all over the place - and thieves also see them.

It is not surprising that a total of 5 motorcycles have been reported stolen to police since 13th March. Police are investigating the thefts.

And are doing the right thing in asking motorcycle owners to make use of measures such as security locks and chains to deter thieves from stealing their motorcycle.

The police say the general public should report any person(s) seen suspiciously tampering with a motorcycle. "The thieves do not necessarily only operate during the silent hours. It is known for them to operate at times of the day when roads or other places are busy with traffic and people, and this by default provides them with distracting cover," they say.

Three of the motorcycles stolen were of the scrambler type. One was taken from Glacis Estate, the other from Laguna Estate and the third from Cumberland Road. The remaining two motorcycles were of the ‘Sym’ make and were stolen from Sir Herbert Miles Road and Laguna Estate respectively.

If you own a moped make sure you do not leave it unattended in such a way that thieves can easily steal it. Take heed of what the police are saying - and take the greatest care of what is your own property.