If you don't want to be arrested: Don't drink and drive, says police

The RGP is issuing a reminder of their previous warnings regarding enforcement on drivers who defy the law and take to drink driving. The message remains ‘if you drink and drive you are liable to be arrested’.

They add: The dangers and consequences of drink driving far outweigh the risk of going behind the wheel after having had a drink.

The reminder comes at a time when the number of drivers convicted of drink driving since the beginning of 2010 stands at 25. These drivers have been suspended from driving by the courts for varying periods ranging between 6 and 18 months. In addition to the disqualification from driving, convicted drivers are getting fined £200 by the Court.

‘We would definitely want to see a reduction in these instances but the reality is that it is an individual choice whether to drive after having had a drink or to act responsibly and not take to the wheel. Police officers will continue to be robust in enforcement of drink driving,’ warns the police.

Also, since the beginning of 2010, a further 22 drivers have been disqualified for other serious traffic offences such as dangerous or careless driving, exceeding the speed limit and driving without insurance.