Four Seasons at Notre Dame First School

The children of Notre Dame First School are taking part in a production which involves all pupils from Nursery through to Year 3 and the main theme is the Four Seasons.

In this production each Season tries to show that it is the most important time of the year and there is no need for any of the others. Will they come to realise that all four seasons are necessary for Nature to survive? In this entertaining way the children are encouraged to understand that for a community to survive all of us have a special role to play.

The children have been involved in learning activities such as Speaking and Listening to act out their parts; Art and Design in making props and costumes; Music and Performing Arts in their singing; PE in their dance routines, to mention some of the ways in which they have been learning.

Costumes and props have come about from a variety of sources. A few specialised have been purchased; others have been produced with the help of parents and others by the pupils themselves.

A dress rehearsal has already taken place at the school itself.