Mystery of hotel up for sale for 12 million

A hotel in Gibraltar is listed by a property dealer as being up for sale for 12.3 million. But the name of this mystery hotel is not given.

A company called PropertyWorld says the hotel is located within walking distance from Main Street and tourist attractions, such as the cable car and access to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

It adds that the first 5 floors make up the 4-star hotel, consisting of 95 hotel rooms (aprox. 200 beds).There are 42 apartments from the 6th floor upwards, of 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bedrooms. These can be sold or used as service apartments.

There are also four levels of underground parking, which provide 100 spaces.

The building also provides many extra amenities, such as roof-top swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi, conference hall, and 2 spacious restaurants with a capacity for 500 guests combined (300/200), says the listing.

It adds: The government allows the hotel to build 10/12 stories but the town planner has advised there is a prospect of building up to 14 floors.

This town area property is said to be a leasehold with 1,000 square metre land size. It has no garden.

But it is a mystery where exactly in the town centre of Gibraltar is this hotel located or the name of it.