All the faithful should rally behind the new Bishop

Talking Point
A new Bishop has been appointed by the Pope - and all the faithful in Gibraltar should rally behind him.

This is no time for divisions; the time for putting forward different considerations is now over and out.

Fr Ralph Heskett is the new Bishop - and Gibraltar must welcome him.

There is this feeling that a local priest should have been appointed, but after careful consideration over 2 years+plus period it has been decided that the way forward was not that.

It is not a valid point to have a Gibraltarian as Bishop or in any other position in society if the qualities and experience required are not there. What Gibraltar must do is have a proper training programme in all spheres of life to ensure that a local person can take over when the time comes.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong in having a British priest as Bishop in this Gibraltarian/British community. In that respect, the right decision has bene taken.

And all initial indications are that Fr Heskett has all the qualities to be a good Bishop. He is said to be an amiable and approachable person, and overall, he will bring to this community a fresh approach which is not a bad thing.

So, let us all give him a truly Gibraltarian welcome.