Stress testing equipment upgraded

The GHA's Medical Investigation Unit has recently upgraded its stress testing equipment by integrating the Tango+ automated Blood Pressure Monitor.

This monitor interfaces with it's own stress testing equipment, providing hands free monitoring. It incorporates automated blood pressure and pulse level readings in real time and in a seamless manner, allowing nurses to observe any changes in the vital signs during the actual procedure.

The GHA adds: Apart from the obvious benefits to the patient, the staff of the medical investigation unit, who have been eagerly awaiting this development, have welcomed the move, as it allows them to focus on the patient during a procedure rather than spending valuable time taking manual recordings. The system produces an automatic record of the vital signs taken during the procedure on the printed stress test data record.

The new addition to this already very well-equipped department represents this Government's commitment to invest in the latest technology which enables the GHA to deliver the best possible healthcare.