Gold expedition training

This coming weekend, 26th to 28th March, a group of 12 participants, from the Open Award Centre who are undertaking the GOLD AWARD, travel to Spain in order to carry out another practice camp for the Adventurous Journey Section of their programmes.

The participants will be travelling to the “PARQUE NATURAL SIERRA DE GRAZALEMA” located near Ronda. On this third practice camp the participants shall be undertaking hikes in the area of Cortes de La Frontera, Montejaque and Ronda. The hikes will be about 20 kilometres each day so that they get an idea of the physical demands of undertaking their Qualifying Expedition.

The Qualifying Expedition, which takes place in July this year, will require them to hike a minimum of 80 kilometres over 4 days. One major difference this weekend is the use of a “wild” campsite, i.e. no commercial facilities, since their qualifying venture will see them setting up campsites in open fields and other non-tourist sites.

The participants, whose ages range from 17 to 19 will be self sufficient during the venture carrying all their equipment and food requirements. Their activities this weekend will take them through some of the more picturesque areas of the Sierra which can only be reached on foot.

The young people will be supervised by experienced leaders throughout the trip.