Appalling state of our beaches, says party

It is PDP policy that Gibraltar's beaches should be maintained all year round so that they can be enjoyed by families and visitors. Easter is around the corner and the Progressive Democratic Party notes with dismay the appalling state of our beaches. It is a well known fact, that weather permitting, many people start flocking to the beaches at Easter time. Unfortunately once again the PDP has to point out the deplorable state of our beaches.
Even before beachgoers can get to a beach on the eastern side they are faced with the challenge of access via Devil's Tower Road. Unless these road works are speeded up access to and from these beaches this Easter and summer will be an absolute nightmare if not impossible.
There is no vehicular access to Sandy Bay and after another winter the beach is in a terrible state. Last year's damage was never repaired so the problem has now been compounded. Government must act now to recover this once beautiful beach. A delayed opening of this beach for the second year running will be totally unacceptable.
Catalan Bay still needs cleaning and tidying up in time for beachgoers. Unfortunately the car park for beach-goers has been substantially reduced due to the ever growing mountain of rubble.
Eastern Beach has lost approximately a third of the road running parallel to it, together with the car park created last year on the north end of the beach. Access for beachgoers to the north end has also become much more awkward, since they will now have to carry their beach equipment a considerable distance. This beach still also needs general cleaning and tidying up.
West view promenade will still not be available this summer at the present rate of works.
This is yet another valued leisure area denied to our citizens. Rosia Bay (a heritage site) has been allowed to deteriorate to such an extent that it will now cost millions to restore.
Why has a site of such historical value been allowed to reach this state of collapse?
Camp Bay is once again this year the only beach in a fairly acceptable state but rocks need to be cleared away and tables repaired. Will the government get this beach which is just in need of a general clean up, ready in time?
"It is incredible that we have to repeat the same message every year. When is the Government going to introduce a regular programme of maintenance of our beaches?
These are in a shameful state. Not only does this deprive families of the use of many areas in Gibraltar but it undermines tourism which is an important pillar of our economy.
The Government must now ensure that action is taken immediately to guarantee that all our beaches are in a fit condition for the coming Easter and summer seasons." said spokesperson, Moira Walsh.