Liberals to attend international conference

Dr Garcia to be panelist

A delegation from the Liberal Party of Gibraltar will be in Cadiz this weekend to participate in an international political conference entitled “200 Years of a Common Liberal Identity: A Liberal Agenda for Europe-Latin America Relations”.
The conference is being held in the town of Cadiz to mark the 200th anniversary of the first written usage of the word “liberal” in a political document which occurred there in September 1810.
The delegates from Gibraltar will be Liberal Leader Dr Joseph Garcia MP, Steven Linares MP and Mr Troy Jeffries.
Dr Garcia has been invited to be a panelist in one of the discussions which will look at the continuing evolution of Liberalism in Iberia and Latin America.
The two-day conference will include politicians from Europe and from Latin America. "It seeks to define new ways in which we can work together to ensure that the very basic principles of liberty continue to remain of paramount importance in the future," said a spokesman.
Another objective of the conference is to inspire greater cooperation between Liberals in the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and Europe as a whole. It will look towards the EU summit which will take place in Madrid in May because Spain has the rotating presidency of the European Union.
Among the subjects for discussion are “Liberal Economic Policies for Combating Poverty in Latin America”, “Democratic Instututions Under Attack”, and “Priorities and deficits of EU-Latin American Relations”.