Rock Warrior winner

Private Malcolm Head of I Company is the winner of exercise Rock Warrior, says the Royal Gibraltar regiment.

Always a tough exercise, this year’s Rock Warrior was made even tougher by the terrible weather conditions experienced by troops who had to put up with driving rain throughout most of the 48 hour endurance test. Private Head and twenty-three others will now go forward to the ‘Pre-Junior NCOs’ cadre, in Sennybridge next month.

‘I thought I’d done reasonably well in most of the tests, ‘said Malcolm. ‘And when we returned to Buffadero I thought I might be in the top ten. But, an hour after we thought we’d finished, we were suddenly told to grab our kit and to do another run, carrying 25 kg rucksacks.’

‘I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped in the run. ‘There were others who I thought had done better so I was really surprised when my name was called out as the winner.’

Having originally joined the Regiment in 1996 Malcolm transferred to the Royal Military Police in 2003 and he was posted to Colchester. However, the move did not go well and after just a few months in the RMP, he decided to leave the Army and to get a job in the Honda plant in Wiltshire. There he was selected for training as an engineer and everything seemed to be going well for Malcolm and his new wife who he had met whilst in UK.

But Malcolm missed the Army life and, last year, a couple of phone calls established that the Regiment would have him back if he wished to re-apply. Having been away for six years, it was necessary to start all over again with a shortened recruit training package at Catterick and he so returned to Gibraltar in January of this year.

"Obviously, his training and his previous experience have stood him in good stead as his results in Exercise Rock Warrior have shown," said spokesman.