Bill on child abduction convention in the House

When moving the Second Reading of the International Child Abduction Bill 2010, justice minister Daniel Feetham said:

This Bill gives effect in Gibraltar law to the Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction signed at The Hague on 25th October 1980.

The Hague Convention is concerned with children who are under 16 and who have been abducted from or kept outside of the country in which they habitually live. While this may occur in many different situations, the Convention is used particularly in relation to divorced or separated families where children who are taken from the country in which they live by one parent without the permission of the parent who has custody of the child. It is also concerned with facilitating access to or contact with children in a separated family where the parents live in different countries.

The Convention aims secure the prompt return of children to the country in which they habitually live; and ensure that rights of custody and access under the law of one Contracting State are respected in other Contracting States.

This Bill ensures that children and parents in Gibraltar will be able to benefit from the provisions of the Hague Convention and Council Regulation 2201/2003 and that, in the unfortunate occurrence of a child being abducted from or to Gibraltar, our law will enable a speedy and correct outcome.