Cocaine sold at 2 a line

An investigation into the local drug scene which we have carried out, reveals that the class A hard drug Cocaine is now being sold to youngsters and other users at a ridiculously low price of 2 a line, this is even cheaper than many soft and some alcoholic drinks in various bars and nightclubs.

The investigation revealed that a single line of Cocaine costs users, as little as 2 a line, this would be the amount that snorters of this drug need to kick-start one of their high-octane nights out.

A whole gram of cocaine is also sold between 40 and 50; demand for this substance is thought to have brought prices down. If you consider that not many years ago a gram of cocaine fetched locally around 70 to 80, users of this drug must in a perverse sort of way consider current prices as value for money.

Even though it is strongly considered that Cocaine is mostly consumed in the 18 to 45 age bracket, there is strong evidence to clearly indicate that youngsters as young as 15 and 16 years are snorting the 2 cocaine line. When you think that these kids are allowed into licensed promises to consume alcohol at the tender age of 16 years, it's hard not to believe that some will not engage themselves at some point in this illegal drug taking activity, particularly as such low prices!

Already Gibraltar has officially been told that Cocaine use is a serious problem. Late last year the Commissioner of Police in a PANORAMA interview revealed that it was of concern that as a result of operational police activities and Police Intelligence it had emerged that the Class A Drug Cocaine was the drug of choice in Gibraltar.

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