Hospital enters 21st century, thanks to charitable donation!

The donation of 40,000 worth of new equipment to the Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology departments of the Primary Care Centre by the Bonita Trust is a very generous gesture for which patients who will use the service will no doubt be very grateful.

However, it has publicly exposed the very serious shortcomings in the provision of some of these services which had not been apparent until now, says the Opposition.

The Opposition adds that it was surprised to hear the audiologist of the GHA, say on Newswatch last Wednesday (3rd March) that as a result of the donation of 44,000 of equipment "both the speech and language therapy and the audiology department have finally arrived in the twenty-first century. Previous to this we had to rely on very limited subjective testing... This was not good enough for our patients. So thanks to the Bonita Trust we can now offer a service as good as you can get anywhere else."

The GSD, adds a statement, "repeatedly tell the community that their administration has produced state of the art health care facilities. It is quite incredible, in that context, that one of the respected professionals in the provision of health care has stood up and told us that it is only as a result of a charitable donation that we have had a sector of our health services arrive in the twenty-first century, ten years late!"

Gibraltar has explicitly been told that the service provided hereto was "limited" and effectively not as good as one would have got anywhere else. The verbatim transcript of his words does not allow for any other interpretation.

After praising the Trust, Shadow Minister for Health Neil Costa says: "Needless to say, the only way to understand remarks made by the Audiologist is that without Bonita audiology and speech therapy in Gibraltar would still be stuck in the twentieth century, providing a limited service below the standards available everywhere else. That does not say much for the management of the budget of the GHA.