Lectures for 80th anniversary

The Gibraltar Museum celebrates its 80th Anniversary this year. As part of its activities for the year, its lecture series will focus on three areas:

(a) events around 1930, the year the museum opened;

(b) events during the past 80 years; and

(c) talks based around the museum’s collections and its work.

The inaugural lecture will be given by Mr Richard Garcia this Monday, 15th March, at the John Mackintosh Hall at 2030 hours. All lectures are open to the public and are free of charge.

The full programme is:

15th March Mr Richard Garcia – The flourishing of Gibraltar’s Tourism and Transport in the early 1930s

21st April Dr Jennifer Ballantine – The Calpe Hunt, the Governor and the Gibraltar Museum

11th May Dr Geraldine Finlayson – The way we Wear; Cloth, Clothes and the Red Cloak

16th June Dr Darren Fa – Collections and Connections

21st September Dr Sam Benady – Gibraltar: Medicine in the 1930s

28th September Dr Kim Brown – Historical Events represented in the Gibraltar Museum: the last 80 years

12th October Mr Dennis Beiso – From the Second Republic to Córdoba: 80 years of Relations between Gibraltar, Britain and Spain

9th November Mr Carl Viagas – Gibraltar’s Architecture: the last 80 years 7th December Prof. Clive Finlayson – The Heritage Crusades: have we got it horribly wrong?