More incidents in waters around the Rock

British patrol boats have in recent weeks been involved in at least six incidents with 'Guardia Civil' launches.

The ongoing conflicts in what the Spaniards describe as 'Spanish waters of the Strait' do not appear to have come to an end.

Quoting sources close to the 'Guardia Civil', the Madrid daily El Mundo says the incidents have been in the hands of the Royal Navy and the Gibraltar police.

After the Spanish government summoned the British ambassador in Madrid to the Spanish foreign ministry, it was thought that the incidents would end - but they have continued, say the Spaniards.

In the last few weeks - the last being on 26 February - the 'Guardia Civil' have notified their superiors at least on six occasions of incidents taking place.

Viewed from Gibraltar, it is the Spanish patrol boats which keep on making incursions into waters which are not Spanish.


Meanwhile, an online poll in PANORAMAonline, records 82% of respondents against talks continuing with Spain while the Spanish continue with their claim over Gibraltar waters.

To the question: Should talks with Spain be postponed until Spain reverses its designation of Gibraltar waters as being Spanish? as many as 82% of respondents said 'Yes', 16% said No and only 1% did not know.