New car park near hospital

Gibraltar Car Parks Limited (a Government owned Company) is opening its latest car park, located on the ground floor of Europlaza, as from 9am Friday.

A spokesman said: This facility is primarily aimed for use by visitors to St. Bernard's Hospital. The car park comprises of 85 individually marked parking spaces and offers free parking for the first hour. Subsequent hours will be charged at 1 per hour.

During the night, the Car Park will also offer a special overnight parking rate from 9pm to 9am for the general public. Vehicles parked overnight (or more than 2 hours until 9am) will be charged a flat rate of 2. Short term use of the Car Park during these hours is permitted with the first hour being free and the second hour at 1. Should the vehicle be parked more than 2 hours, it will be charged at the overnight rate until 9am when hourly charges will continue.