Stolen in the night: Five parrots

There was a recent theft of five parrots from the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park. Thieves broke in during the night and managed to take a combination of African Grey and Timneh Grey Parrots from their enclosures. Some of the parrots were expected to breed this year.

All the parrots were from the original two consignments in ships from Africa confiscated by Gibraltar Customs officials over ten years ago. Some were in need of special care and on special diets and so it is unlikely that they will survive.

The Botanic Gardens management says it "condemns this action, which will lead to suffering for the animals. It comes at a time when the park is undergoing much development and improvement in both its animal care and its educational value." The public is asked to co-operate and report sightings of grey parrots in any property where they have not seen them before.