Gibraltar company proposes major project for La Línea

The Gibraltar company, New Town Corporate Ltd, backed with capital from the Rock and the UK, has proposed a major tourism and leisure development for the large area of land covered by the Princesa Sofía park, the sport’s centre and the former fiscal zone at the border.

It is proposing a development of hotels, commercial galleries, offices and a canal that would enter the sea at the Poniente beach.

The scheme would require the demolition of some of the sports centre and would erect in that area the hotels. The remaining areas would house the commercial and leisure centres as well as ample parking with the aim of attracting those passengers who will use Gibraltar airport in the future.

The canal would enter the sea on the Poniente beach and that area would see the Santa Bárbara fort reconstructed as well as a zone created where cruise ships could dock. The mayor of La Línea, Alejandro Sánchez, has observed that the town does not benefit from the luxury cruise vessels that currently dock in Gibraltar and has suggested joint tour routes that would benefit both communities.

It is estimated that the development would require an investment of around 1,000 million euros and could create 5,000 jobs. The Gibraltar company has apparently being discussing the scheme with the regional government for 18 months and is now consulting with the Algeciras port authority. La Línea is in the process of debating the adaption of the local development plan (PGOU) to include schemes for the land that sits adjacent to the new Gibraltar air terminal that will have direct access to the town. - David Eade