Gibraltar's land reclamation 'invading Spanish waters', says PP

Spanish Govt urged to stop lorries crossing frontier

The Spanish PP opposition party says it will urge the Spanish government to take measures against Gibraltar invading Spanish waters by undertaking land reclamation on the east side.

Cadiz MP Jose Ignacio Landaluce says that as a first recourse Spain should stop debris-laden lorries crossing the fence to prevent the reclamation taking place, as well as controlling the arrival of ships at Gibraltar also engaged in the reclamation.

The Spanish government should put the interests of Spain before those of Gibraltar, he said in a statement.

However, he noted that the exporting of the debris to Gibraltar is generating jobs in Spain, and the loss of jobs that could result from stopping the lorries coming over should be minimized by the firms concerned being helped.


Official figures released in Spain put the total number of unemployed as the year ended at nearly 4 million, representing 25% of the workforce. The acute jobless situation is seen in Spain as its biggest headache.